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Friday, July 27, 2007


Just watched the movie yesterday.... was a disturbing movie to watch.... Its about widows in India, set during the independance time ,and its about how the widows are ostracized from the society..and how bad their lives are.... It was disturbing to just watch the movie, one can't imagine leading that life.... As Indians, we always talk about the values and culture that we have as a society.... and how much we have progressed from the backward thoughts that ppl had and so forth... However, when you look at aspects like widow remairrage and how they are actually treated in the society, i don think there has been a gr8 change...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Shadow of the Day!

Linkin park's new Album 'Minutes to Midnight' rocks!
Sweet touch to Alternate Rock ! and Happy feel!
Some of the songs are breathtaking...

My favs:Shadow of the day,What I've Done,Hands Held High,Leave out all the rest,Valentine's Day,In between.

Note:Follow the lyrics and stay through the song and try and experience the song fully!

Shadow of the Day

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Shadow of the day!

I close both locks below the window.
I close both blinds and turn away.
Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple.
Sometimes goodbye’s the only way.

And the sun will set for you,
The sun will set for you.
And the shadow of the day,
Will embrace the world in grey,
And the sun will set for you.

In cards and flowers on your window,
Your friends all plead for you to stay.
Sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple.
Sometimes goodbye’s the only way.

And the sun will set for you,
The sun will set for you.
And the shadow of the day,
Will embrace the world in gray,
And the sun will set for you..

And the shadow of the day,
Will embrace the world in gray,
And the sun will set for you..

And the shadow of the day,
Will embrace the world in gray,
And the sun will set for you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Almost 550 million of Indian population earn a living out of farming and more than 60% of the cultivation is rain dependent. Uncertainties specially when it comes to rain is really high and one year of monsoon not favoring India/parts of India will lead to lots of sorrow, hunger and suffering in so many million families dependent on the yields.

So many farmers committed suicides in a district Called Vidharba last year and I used to get disturbed to see people dying this way. It was very visible that there was poor living conditions and when there is lack of support from the government, its really sad. After several protests and multiple follow ups through different channels, the government finally decided to donate cheques to the farmers and guess what, they were all 50 Rs cheques and according to some of the bank rules, they cannot even be encashed. No bank loans and no support from manmohan singh and only after someone dies money will be sent. This is the state of operations in so many places.Imagine our own lives being such a bad state, receiving 50Rs cheque after several months of wait and payment being denied. They have to move on, either commit suicide or die naturally along with thier families in the days to come.

While survival is an uncertainty in a large percentage of people, rich men continue to enjoy the richness by building private yachts, own private jets, continue to spend lavishly due to lack of control and continue to grow their desires. Large sized companies continue to generate revenues with very little sense of Corporate Social Responsibility. The very basic meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility has been completely changed. There is no willingness to share the profits with the community they are living in. It is very tough to build generous institutions truly aimed to serve the society. There are some exceptions(Bill and Melinda Gates foundation which is largely funded and is historic) It doesnt happen with common capitalists. They are ready to build attractive and state of the art infrastructure, more benefits to the already rich employees but would not even care to think of people who are suffering due lack of financial support and freedom or their basic survival. And they may be living right next door. It has become a way of life. Starting a charitable institution should always be for a cause and the cause should not be earning name and fame. The cause should be to 'help save lives' . Donating money should not be the intent. Intent should be willingness to help. CEOs should be magnanimous in their hearts and prove that they are real leaders in not only building the organization but also in making a difference to this world and start healing people who are doomed. The argument can go on. Everybody is selfish in this world, but when you can clearly see that you can save so many lives and remove people from the death trap, it doesnt make sense not to make your contribution.

The worst part is that , the government is hardly taking action towards it. We are only proud to say that our GDP has risen from 4.x % to 9% + in no time, the statistics at the bottom line is really poor. More than 1 million Children die very young every year due to malnutrition. The so called economic development does not even benefit 20% of the population and this 20% of the population happily raise their standards of living and create a completely disrupted living environment for others.Poor people are not overtaken but are simply ran over by the rich limousines, mercedes and the BMWs.

So what do we do about it? How much of money is required ? How much of awareness do we need to create? Are there people to create awareness? Yes there is. The media and the news channels and all of these information does not reach the right people. Nobody even knows about some of the statistics, mainly because they are not doing their jobs. Very happy to host a show dedicated for 3 hours debating whether Richard Gere should have kissed Shilpa Shetty on an AIDS awareness show? Spend all their time showing Sachin being out of form or a spat between Ganguly and the rest of the cricket team.

Spending money and time on such trivial things and not giving importance to larger problems on hand. Broadcasting the news is fine, but debating about it for hours and days together jus blows my mind! Spending money on panelists, host, the rent spent for the place, and so much of money on articles related to it, are all a mere waste. It serves no purpose. Ultimately they say its for the viewers. Harldly 3% of indian population know to read and write english and these news channels which have the money power should concentrate more on creating regional language channels and reach out to many people and concentrate on showing sensible stuff in order to create more leaders in the country rather than satisfying a minor portion of viewers.

From an individual's point of view while we can continue to enjoy our lives with what we have got, but when we are in a comfortable position to live(comfort does not mean staying in a big Villa and owning a ferrari) we should start thinking on how much we can contribute to people who are really suffering and yearning to come out of problems. Even a minor thought in your mind will someday materialize and be of lifetime help somebody down the line. For we are all interconnected in this world and all of us deserve to enjoy peace and lets try to build a stronger web and create a safe place to Live!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Google Reader

Google comes up with yet another interesting tool!

Google reader....

visit http://www.google.com/reader

and subscribe to your favourite blogs, and sports news and many more entertaining articles right to your virtual 'inbox' created with your account.. I felt that its wonderful!!

Am amazed at the way google comes up with such innovative products free of cost:)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Moore takes on CNN

Here is a clip with Michael Moore being interviewed live on CNN by Wolf Blitzer. This one's about his new Movie Sicko (if you haven't heard already). Even if you don't agree with him (you would be part of a rather minuscule minority) , you have to admire his courage to go up and ask questions the media doesn't care to ask. [ Clip from You Tube - Thanks to Nikhil]

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sugar - Sweet or Sour?

Too much of Sugar for the weekend ! Close to 40 spoons of Sugar (flavored in various dishes, coffee, chocolates, juices and sweets) in 3 days, zero workout!
Invokes pleasant feelings inside my brain when i take sugar! Human brain is a store house of feelings(infinite...). Certain events or activities trigger good joyous feelings and some trigger negative/sad/grave feelings inside us! We haven't trained our minds to like something, it has been natural all the way! Lovely music, cool breeze, eating chocolates, etc etc ( The list can go on... alcohol, coke, nicotine................. and its different for different people ) When it comes to ingesting something inside our system, we get an equal amount of joy at the time of consumption, but face health problems later on...(in case of sugar it is diabetes, Obesity, tooth decay etc..) -- why? Why do we derive joy out of something which 'may' be detrimental to our own self ?!

Monday, July 02, 2007


"...the diamond skull expresses a culture all our own: the celebrity culture. Glittering, hollow and perfectly brainless, it reflects spendthrift emptiness with its every facet."
-- Clive James in the BBC Magazine, on the Diamond Skull created by Damien Hirst

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Review - Die Hard 4.0

(Warning:Might contain unintended spoilers)
Die Hard 4.0
130 min of non stop adventure,action and thrill. A racy entertainer and a kickass screenplay and you cant expect more than this from 4th version of DieHard (call it a fourquel, quadraquel.. whatever) A movie which makes you feel good this summer after a disappointing Spiderman-3 and Pirates of the Carribean-3.
John McClane (Bruce Willis) plays this rock solid FBI agent who cares a damn about bullet shots and bomb explosions. Accompanied by this smart hacker Matt Farrell through out the movie, shows how he can handle things without losing composure! The story is about an international terrorist organization trying to attack United States with their hacking information systems. PLan A to destroy the traffic network, PLan B to offset all utilities including power stations. Director Len Wiseman takes us to a completely different world to show how things can beocme chaotic if systems are not in place. An action movie buff would jus love this wonderful flick completely filled with car chases,copters, explosions and even trucks mauled by an F35!. A fighter plane trying to destroy a suspect terrorist vehicle ! Scintillating perormance from Maggie Q (at times more powerful than John Mclane) the lady love of Thomas Gabriel who takes revenge on America to prove a point. Bruce Willis is back with a bang and yeah Live Free or Die Hard! Dont miss it!

My Rating *****