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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is mine too small

I have been seeing quite some returning visitors to this blog-page, apparently with the hope of seeing something - i. utterly confusing (is there like a Upper limit to the confusion we can write and still make sense) or ii. exchange personal viewpoints so that some, viz. yours truly, can be even more confused than they were to start out with or iii. Just add to the confusion, you know like an octopus spraying ink. Get your own colored ink.

Note to other authors: You have a crowd to entertain.
Note to particular author: That crowd is not 1 specific person only.

Moving on to the point I have been pondering over for the past weeks, years, eons (or minutes if you muggles/engineers wish to be realistic). Your views are more than welcome.

People talk. By this I don't mean everything that comes out phonetically from human beings upper orifices [did not mean to be gross, but it came out that way :) ]. By this comment I meant, when people and society in general comments about you and your personal relationships with other human beings and more importantly when you care about what they talk and to whom. As is the case with almost all human beings, no one likes to be slandered or talked bad about and this is the reason we are more than eager to know what people talk about us when we are not there. It is almost like a treasure hunt, with the treasure being either a gold chest (mental peace that you are good and loved by others) or octopus ink (*^*&_*&*%^$$#)

I asked myself the question "How many times do I take the opportunity to talk good about someone (not a product) without being asked about him /her." Please omit dearly beloved ones, kids (if any) and parents from the list of probables. I came up with a number. HINT: single digit.

"Is mine too small?" was the natural male-chauvinistic question that followed.