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Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall colors

I was recently on a camping trip to Door County, WI. We selected this destination as, their neck of this woods as the locals call it, is supposedly quite beautiful during Fall season and they are proud to show their Scandinavian heritages.

We probably mistimed our trip as hundreds others, as we could not see the fall colors in full bloom (blame it on global warming). Though for people planning on visiting Door County, I would recommend other locations in WI and Upper MI, which are better. Kettle Moraine (just north of Milwaukee) has better Fall color display and Upper MI peninsula towns have a much better small town feel. Most towns in Door County seem too artificial sometimes and not to mention expensive.

While driving back, I was engaged in some intense pondering (right word?) with my better half. I am posing that same question here for discussion.

Everyone is excited about seeing Fall colors, and they very well should be. The color display is amazing and definitely a must see, at least once in a lifetime. But if my hair started turning grey next week, people are not going to be queuing up to come see my balding & greying moon. I guess that's life !

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Srichand said...

Well..if your graying/balding head was half as colorful and the fall colors.. i bet you would be quite a spectacle...