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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Book Review

In the Line of Fire - Pervez Musharraf.

Just finished reading this book last night & the incidents were interesting to read given the recent treatment given by Musharraf to Nawaz Sharif and Ms Bhutto. I could review the incidents mentioned in the book, however I am not knowledgeable enough to dispute them. So I shall review the book as I would review any other fictional tome. The book is written well. It flows well and I would not be surprised if this book is easily adapted for screenplay. It gives interesting sequences of events, almost a-la-24. The story is quite sequential, though he does FFWD it sometimes. I was surprised to see references to a lot of western media. for e.g. The movie 'Black Hawk Down', some songs etc. It almost seemed written to woo the 'gora' readers. I was also surprised to read about the sheer # road trips he has undertaken. 1 was intercontinental.

Having said this, the thing that stood out the most for me was this book seemed a 337 paged SOP. Even though this is an autobiography of a Army soldier and how he rose to the position he is in, it seems to be a rosy bollywood story minus the "vidwa ma ani andhi behen". The story also hides certain aspects, almost knowingly, of the central character's meteroic rise. I guess it's the author's privilege to reveal only that he chooses to.

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